Steak, Mushrooms and Poblano Pepper Tacos

Easy Dinner Ideas | Steak + Poblano Tacos
Easy Dinner Ideas | Steak + Poblano Tacos
Easy Dinner Ideas | Steak + Poblano Tacos
Easy Dinner Ideas | Steak + Poblano Tacos
Easy Dinner Ideas | Steak + Poblano Tacos
Easy Dinner Ideas | Steak + Poblano Tacos

Hello October!

You guys I can't believe we are already in the last few months of the year!  Can you believe it?  I can just remember celebrating New Years, where did the time go? 

I know it has been a while since I posted a recipe on here, I was working on transferring it over to a new blog solely for my travel and foodie experiences but I will leave that for when I travel and eat food at out of town.  It is a very cute tumblr, that I am very inactive on.  

I also didn't realize that I hadn't posted anything until E's aunt was like, why haven't you posted food on the blog lately, so you can thank her for this recipe.  I am sure that E rolled his eyes when I was like "babe, wait I have to take pictures for my blog".  Also I know, I know I promised better pictures, I am still working on using my camera and a set up for the photos. And when I saw working on it, it is still a idea in my head.  

And please excuse the fact that I don't have an actual taco picture, I know.  You see I have a bad habit of eating before realizing that I didn't actually get a picture of the beautifulness of the food I just prepared, well E mostly prepared, I cut, marinated, and did the other so important stuff.  So pardon that as well.  

I am going to link the recipe because Gimme Some Oven has much better pictures that I do, and you should really follow her recipe because I did mostly and it turned out amazing.  I know exactly what it is like to follow a recipe but your local store doesn't have it so I had to change a few things.  I listed them below. 

Side items were: Knorr White Queso Rice & Refried Black Beans 

Things I changed: 

  • I couldn't find Flank steak so I bought skirt steak and I had to trim like a lot of fat off of it, like a lot!
  • I also used just a little more olive oil than recommended and I poured the marinade on top of the steak once in the pan.  
  • We used a grill pan and it worked just fine she recommends a saute pan or grill pan.  
  • I also used a little more garlic than advised like a clove or two.
  • I used sliced portobello mushrooms, not baby portobello -- I know not a big deal. 
  • We marinated it for about 40 minutes. 
  • We used Wheat flour tortillas, they were pretty good I am more of a corn tortilla girl especially since they are gluten free as well.