#National Dessert Day

National Dessert Day | Tout Suite Houston, Texas

Lately, I have noticed there are tons and tons of updates on my iPhone and with those updates normally comes the updates from all of the Apps.  I am a lover of instagram it is by far my most used and loved social media outlet.  I have however cut back on the posting and I try to be very intentional with my postings.  I have promised to start posting better image quality and be very selective with what "makes" it to my instagram.  Am I super popular, not really and that is okay with me.  

But with these new updates comes the visibility of currently popular hashtags.  When you are trying to be selective with your posting and make sure you are posting something that can possibly get you more likes or double taps, hearts, etc. You can go to your search tab on instagram and see if you have anything that would fall into that "popular" hashtag. 

Yesterday I was a little busy with my photoshoot to remember to do this but better late than never.  So if you are unaware yesterday was National Dessert Day, not that I need a reason to get dessert but we "had" to stop by Tout Suite to get a little bit of heaven.  Normally we get macaroons so we decided to go out of the box and I picked up this beauty below.  The Chocolate Cream Tart, delicious!  

If you are ever in the downtown area I highly recommend stopping in the food is delicious.  I want to try Tout Suite for lunch but for now we have only tried the dessert! 


If you want a list of apps that I use or my instagram editing routine, let me know and I'll write a post on it.  

I would love to hear if you have any favorites at Tout Suite or any other Houston area MUST TRY places.