4 Go To Photo Editing Apps

5 Photo Editing Apps | by: Vashti Co blog

Instagram has become one of the best go to "free" marketing tool for business all over the world.  As a small business it is the visual way for you to allow your potential clients an insight into your business, and you as a person.  I personally love instagram, I find it very hard to remember to post things to twitter and facebook.  I know the way to help build your brand is to connect with fellow entrepreneurs on social media but the limit of 240 characters and the issues with facebook app in general I find it harder to use.  

I know social media for others is only a way to stay connect with family, friends and even random people around the world, but for small business owners it is kind of the "make" or break.  I recently changed my instagram for this sole purpose.  I initially jumped on it not knowing it's potential and where it could take me. 

4 Go to Photo Editing Apps


This is my current go to editing app, I use it for almost all of my images prior to posting to instagram.  Sometimes getting the perfect lighting isn't possible so sometimes I will brighten and enhance colors a little just to bring it out.  I don't alter my images much more than that because I don't want to change the authenticity too much.  There is a lot of tips and tricks of Enlight that I am still figuring out but when you are on the go you can edit images for a blog post in a blast.  Here is a tutorial I found. 

Prior to using Enlight I probably used snapseed the most it was the fastest and easiest way for me to edit something before posting it.  I hadn't defined the style I wanted on my instagram while I was using Snapsneed but these two are very similar the swipe method of achieving an effect is used in both apps, and I would recommend both. 

I loved the double exposure look on the AfterLight app even though I have yet to figure it out, I still picked it up.  I alwasy hated the thought of having to edit one image in multiple apps which is why I love Enlight so much.  But AfterLight is a strong alternative. I love how you can layer images and add text, etc. Before AfterLight and Enlight I would have to use multiple apps to add wording.  These two are perfect. 

Most bloggers and popular instagrammers use VSCOcam is a go to app just because of all the beautiful things you can do with it.  I have used it in the past when I wanted a certain edit to my app, VSCOcam and Snapseed are both free and fairly easy to use.  VSCO you can build a journal which I like I just haven't devoted enough time to yet.  I highly recommend VSCO to help build your instagram following as well because the hashtag in itself will bring you new visitors to your instagram.  It is also a great way to help you decide on a