Let's Catch Up!

by: Vashti Co Blog | Let's Catch Up

Yesterday was the 1st day of October, and I still can't believe we are here.  The year is literally flying by, and the month of October holds a lot in it for me at least.  

This month I will be second shooting my last two weddings with Stacy, I may help out on occasion but I really want to focus on shooting portrait work so I can get my photography where it needs to be.  I do need to build up my portfolio so if you are in the market for new images, let's talk and work something out. I also need to get myself to one of those photography retreats, asap.   Oh yeah and I think quarterly taxes are due. Whomp, whomp. 

I am also taking new blog photos with Stacy on the 14th, can't wait I am still trying to put two outfits together.  I also need to find some chic spots in Houston where we can shoot for the day.

I am getting my hair changed up for the fall and I can't wait, not sure if I will cut it but going to Orlando Salon you get there and sometimes completely change your mind.  But my mind isn't made up yet so I don't even know what I will end up looking like, so you will have to stay tuned to the IG to find out.  Also I can't wait to see his new updated Salon. 

Sunday Oct. 4th 2015
Is my mommy's birthday she will be turning the BIG 6-0! I just realized that my mom and I are about 30 years apart, I turn 30 in January [the 23rd to be exact, just in case you wanted to give me a present].  It is crazy how when you get older you finally start to appreciate your parents. I mean I have always really loved my mom to the extreme, like I would cry when I stayed over by someone and she had to come and get me.  I cried when she left town and my older brother had to take me on dates with him. I LOVE MY MOM, is legit an understatement.   Then I went through the tween-teen years and thought that I was too good for parenting I suppose.  I once thought I should run away, not sure why.  I was fed, bills were paid, and I didn't have to worry about clothes.  I blame my mom for my frugality and worrisome mind.  I surrounded myself with stupid people to only return home and find my mom still the same and still loving me.  I know many of times we as children will assume our parents don't know what is best for us, but they literally do. Just understand the years of experience and just knowledge -- they know more, trust me and those eyes behind their heads they EXIST!  I just hope that my mom's house will finally be done so she can enjoy it.  It is going to be her big gift to herself.  Regular girls buy themselves diamonds, my mom builds herself a house.  : ] I also hope after her house is done, mom and I can finally take all those trips we keep talking about.  Like to Maine to eat lobster, Savannah so I can take pictures with those beautiful trees, New Orleans to eat great food, Seattle so I can hike up to that bridge and take photos, Utah to see the rock formations, Oregon do I need a reason really, and Denver to see snow at least once, like a lot of it.  There are so many more but we'd be here forever.  

I am so ready to lose some weight, I have been soo drained lately I feel like I can't even function.  I want to stop wasting time sitting at our TV trays after eating dinner and doing no physical activity.  I had stopped taking naps because I wasn't so drained and put on about 5lbs and I am back to feeling blah.  I can't say how much I am over this weight loss journey.  If you talk to anyone with PCOS you will understand.  I also can't blame it all on PCOS, my lack of drive lately has been horrible.  I don't want to be too hard on myself everyone has those moments but I am ready to kick it.  I need to start eating better, cut dairy and wheat and just start living better in general.  

Once mom's house is done we are going to stay with them while our house is getting built and I hope no longer than that.  I love my parents and their food is amazing, but we need our own place.  We don't have a date as to when we are going to move just yet, there are a few more things that needs to get done at mom's and a bunch of cleaning that needs to get done, like a bunch so if you're in the area, lol. JK, but no really.  

There are a few more things happening this October, but I will post those as they happen.  After October is over we are closer to Thanksgiving and I can't wait.  Hopefully my body will be back on track by then.  I really need to dust off those PiYo DVDs and my Insanity set and get at it.  

I'd love to hear about your plans in October, leave it in the comments below or message me on social media.