5 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

5 Blog Must Haves for Readers | by Vashti Co blog

If you read my blog you are well aware of how much I love it, there are a few things I have learned along the way and a few things I am still working on.  I am a firm believer that no work of art is ever finished so this is for sure something that will continue to keep my interest, and while I work on making this and photography into a full time gig.  I hope to help a few others along the way.  

Are you a blogger or thinking of starting a blog?  Let's connect, I'd love to hear from you! 

1. About Me Page/Section: 
The internet is a vast, vast space of information and the ability for people all around the world to read your blog is just at their finger tips.  A huge part of them getting to know you is by your about me page.  I personally love visiting the about me pages of new and old bloggers to just get an insight into their personality.  Is this someone I would have coffee with?  Do they love avocados as much as I do.  This is all very important information, information I can't know unless I piece together every blog post, so your About Me page is your one stop shop for all about you information, it is your first impression per say. 

2. Pin-Worthy Images
With the fast paced society that we live in today a lot of information needs to be quick to reference or liked.  If someone doesn't like it, more than likely they will pass it up completely.  Your tutorial will be great, the words will be perfect but your images could be not-so-pin-worthy.  Everyone is looking for easy dinner ideas, fast hair tutorials, and anything that simply makes their life easier.  If you can photograph it or create a graphic for it.  DO IT! The faster someone can determine if they like it or not, the faster they will click on it, save it for later, and come back for more. 

3.  Connecting
I am the worst with this, it isn't that I don't love to read blogs or that I am just a snob but my time in front of a computer is spent at my current 9-5.  I hate even editing photos sometimes because I am behind that desk all day.  But enough about that job.  You have to connect with others out there in the world.  Tap like on peoples instagram, comment on peoples blogs, invest in friendships and relationships, visit events in your local city and afar if possible. Also collaborations are always a great idea, but make sure you do research, and make sure that the person is someone you would have coffee with more than once.  Not just because someone is popular means that they are who you should collab with! 

4. Consistency
As of lately I am trying to get my blogs posted before 9A CST.  I wish I could schedule all of my blog post weeks in advance and maybe I could get my life back.  But, I am a procrastinator!  I know, I know I can make my life easier and I hope I will.  I go on vacation in 6 days and I don't want to see this blog for the entire 4 days that I am on vacation so my plan is to start creating tons and tons of blog post ideas and then rolling off.  I hope to start 2016 with at least a month in advance of blog postings. But consistency is key, when I took a month off from blogging to re-brand I lost some folks, but it needed to be done.  

5.  Quality Content
Make sure if you are going to use a brand it is truly something you love.  Your readers read your blog, for your content.  So make sure that what you are putting out there is something that you believe in and trust.  Disclose that you are being paid for it and make sure that your readers understand that this is either your honest opinion or you are being paid for this opinion.  Most bloggers that I have read don't even use products that they don't like, nor do they speak about them.  Don't let brands boss you around for a little bit of money.