4 Ways to Style Ripped Jeans for Fall

The hardest thing for me to do is find non-ripped jeans in my closet to wear for casual friday at work.  I love ripped jeans, I mean jeans in general are my jam but ripped jeans are my holy grail.  

I am very much so a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl so when I knew I would have to start not wearing flip flops any more I had to look for some inspiration.  This fall I hope to add a little more to my weekend attire and these 4 ways to style ripped jeans are on fire.  

1.  Chunky Sweater with Pumps
I bought this wine colored sweater last year and since I now have my beautiful ripped back jeans from ASOS, I can't wait to wear this again. Paired with pumps and stylish is your middle name.  
2.  Blazer with Sandals & T-Shirt
Have you ever found a white tshirt that laid on your body like a boss?  Ugh I can't get enough of those, pair it with ripped jeans, throw a blazer on it and some sandals and you are good to go.  You can also pair this with booties, I am always down for booties but depending on the weather.  
3.  Big Boots Chunky Sweater or T-Shirt & a beanie
Seriously who wants to dress up on the weekends?  Not I, this is the perfect outfit for looking effortless while still putting in a little time.  I love hats and UGGs I want the ones with the bows in case E didn't hear me the first time when I asked for them.  I need to start making a list and leaving it on the fridge.  
4.  Leather Jacket Ripped Jeans
This look you can wear booties or pumps, your location will take into account here, I live in Texas so booties or pumps will take me well into the beginning of December while other states will have to pair this with booties or tall boots.