Fall Bucket List

Fall Inspired Bucket List | by Vashti Co blog

Caramel Brulee Latte - COMPLETED
Available in November at Starbucks, I am not a PSL girl.  I am not knocking it because of course I haven't tried PSL, but I am a die hard CBL drinker.  Like is there a shirt for such a thing?  It is my favorite drink and I wish it was year round.  If you know a way around getting it only in the fall, please tell me STAT!

Buy a Fall Scented Candle
I love candles, but hate blowing them out.  So I am very fond of the candles with metal lids that kind of make the candle die out on its own.  Fall scented candles are something I could have year round.  I know E is going to hate having a candle in every room but it is really necessary. 

Watch Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus was a movie that I watched all the time with my cousins growing up, we knew it word for word, and loved it.  I didn't realize until blogging came into play that apparently it is a all around tradition that everyone has.  I have yet to watch it, but it is on the To Do List this fall.  

Visit a Pumpkin Patch
Two years ago, we visited a pumpkin patch with my nieces and nephew since it was the weekend my parents were able to come along and I got the perfect picture of my dad and my niece that I love.  I know to some of us Pumpkin Patches are not what you think they are but visit one this year and snap a couple a pictures.  The memories are worth it.  

Wear Dark Nail Polish - COMPLETED
Yesterday I went to get my nails done, so typing this is a little harder than normal.  I did them long in honor of Halloween.  E says it looks ratchet, I only hope he is joking.  I did a beautiful dark almost black maroon color and I love it.  Still not sure what I am going to wear this year?  

Enjoy Homemade Pie
Oh my gosh, might be my third favorite of this fall bucket list.  I love me some pumpkin pie and I am super excited that we might actually be able to have thanksgiving at my parents this year. My mom and I use to stay up and prep the night before I would help with the pies and she would get the turkey in the oven.  Besides the food this is why this is my favorite holiday, all the memories I have with my mom. 

Make S'mores by Fire Side
Do I need to explain?  If you can't get to a fire side year round visit my favorite cupcake place in Houston Celebrity Cupcakes to pick up their S'more cupcake, it is my favorite.  But be sure to check online as they only have certain flavors on certain days.  

Buy/Wear Rain boots
After Patricia sent us all searching for our rain boots and umbrellas, I found that having a pair of rain boots available is a smart decision.  Especially in Houston when weather can be somewhat unpredictable.  Currently I can't complain it has been pretty cool.  

Carve a Pumpkin
One year we had a pumpkin that we carved at the front of our house, unfortunately when we arrived home it was demolished by some ignorant children in our neighborhood.  And since then we never had a carved pumpkin again, but as I get older and closer to having kiddos of our own, I hope to start a tradition of carving pumpkins with little ones.

Fall Meet Up with Friends
I mean this isn't really just a fall bucket list requirement you should do this all the time, but I know as adults we get busy and life gets in the way.  So make time to hang out, grab coffee, or wine and hang out with someone you haven't seen in a while or you just want to get to know more.  Stop being so afraid to have fun. 

Make Pumpkin Bread
Seriously, I'm not explaining.  Make and eat pumpkin bread in overload.