Have you ever tried Try?

Online Shopping Made Easy with TRY | by Vashti Co Blog

After being introduced to TRY I fell in love.  

The concept of Try is that it gives you the opportunity to try on items before you buy just as you would if you were shopping in store.  It is a really awesome concept.  You are allowed to "try" the clothing for 10 days and if you don't want them or they don't fit right you can return without ever being charged. 

Once you sign up you get 5 try's.  You select 5 items from their currently allowed stores, keep them for 10 days once you have received them, if you don't like them or they don't fit you can return them without the hassle of waiting for a credit back to your account.  

The more people you refer via your personalize referral link the more "TRY's" you get.  Here is my link.


As a photographer I am completely in love with TRY.  It gives clients the opportunity to prepare for their big photo shoot without having to spend tons and tons of money buying things that they have to then wait to be credited for if they don't work out.  

I also understand being on a budget and wanting to make sure you are spending money on things that are worth it.  I know half of the struggle with online shopping is being too worried that something won't fit and you either can't take it back to a store or you have to wait for your funds to be deposited back into your account.  

I am always skeptical of websites that I have to enter my credit card information so I normally just use PayPal when shopping online but after I saw that TRY is associated with ASOS, Barney's, FWRD, Revolve, Zara, ShopBop, etc.  I decided to make the leap. 

And if you were worried about not being able to apply your coupons, don't worry you can. 

Here is Try's FAQ to help answer any question prior to signing up.  

Online Shopping Made Easy with TRY | by Vashti Co Blog
Online Shopping Made Easy with TRY | by Vashti Co Blog