Style Icon - Blake Lively

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this regardless of it be on social media, in a post, or just in random conversation.  But I love Blake Lively's Style, there is a slim possibility that I could name my future children Blake in hope that they are as effortless as her.  

There are so many ways that she dresses it could be dressing down, or dressing up that make me want to be her best friend.  I initially saw her on Gossip Girl, yes I watched that.  Then I saw her in most of her other movies, I haven't seen Age of Adeline so don't ruin it.  Girl could literally wear just a t-shirt and be perfection.  

I don't feel like if Blake wasn't a celebrity that she wouldn't be the center of attention still, her personality, attitude, and overall self is gorgeous.  It would be wonderful to pick her brain and get to know her better.   Until then, I just randomly stalk her instagram.  

Who is your favorite style icon?  Fashion inspiration?