New Business Cards have Arrived!

Last week I placed an order for new business cards the previous cards I purchased didn't come out as I had hoped.  I had talked to a few fellow professionals and I finally decided I was going to go with  They offer a few different options and the process is pretty seamless.  

Since I recently re-branded everything myself, yes site design was created by yours truly.  I wanted to make sure that everything went well together.  A lot of my designing is created away from my computer so Canva is the best option for me, if I need to do some tweaking or erasing of things I sometimes jump into PicMonkey.  I know I really need to step my Photoshop game up. 

I already use Canva to design the logo and website designs so I used their business card template to design the business cards and they turned out perfect.  I couldn't be happier.  I didn't have any issue with the shipping they arrived when they said they would and honestly for free delivery it was pretty quick. 

The Delivery:
When I opened the box that my cards came in I was pleasantly surprised to see the cute packaging inside. It is a nice hard box that you can leave on your desk in order to have fast access to your cards without it being very noticeable.  You can throw this in your camera bag and not have to worry about your cards being crushed or damaged by equipment.  If you are doing a bridal show or meet and greet the box is a cute way to display your business cards without having to buy something else.  

The Design:
The reason I did 4 different back designs instead of leaving all the cards blank was because I wanted to make sure I was giving specific clients, a specific card.  So they know that when I designed my cards I had them in mind.  I do portraits and weddings so the love would be for my couples, engagements, and weddings clients.  The portraits would be for Seniors, Girl, Yes! Portraits, and the occasional family photo. The collab card is for my fellow creatives, bloggers, or anyone wanting to feature their business on the blog or when I finally make it to one of those beautiful blog conventions.  In the future, I hope to help small business owners spruce up their about me pictures and website gallery.  The thing about small business is people like to know who they are doing business with.  

I also selected the Luxe Cards because they are thicker in cardstock and much more professional feeling in general [I have to thank Dana Fernandez Photographer for the recommendation].  

The Process:
As I stated before I designed these cards with Canva then I uploaded the images to  After creating the designs you have to pick what material you want, and MOO now offers these colored boarders which I was completely in love with.  I know that if my business card is in a stack of other seemingly similar business cards it now has that extra, umph to say "pick me".  The process took longer for me because I wanted to make sure I was completely in love with the design and it matched perfectly to the new design of the business and site.  

So without further adieu [insert drum roll here] . . . . here are my business cards.   

I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

by Vashti Co | Delivered!  New Business Cards
by Vashti Co | Delivered!  New Business Cards
by Vashti Co | Delivered!  New Business Cards
by Vashti Co | Delivered!  New Business Cards
by Vashti Co | Delivered!  New Business Cards

Aren't they just gorgeous?  Don't forget to share, and comment below!