Fall Boot Must Haves

Must Have Fall Boots & Booties | by Vashti Co blog

With the end of September and the beginning of October fall is here, if you needed any other notion that it was here then the cooler air is giving it away.  I am not a lover of the PSL, [pumpkin spice latte] so I am all about the Toasted Graham Latte right now, until my beloved Caramel Brulee comes in November.  But fall is here and you know what that means, boots! 

In Houston of course, that means boots on occasion and sandals full time.  : ( Today I dive into a few of my favorite boots for the fall. 


The Bootie

In case you haven't been told, the bootie is in!  I am in complete and utter love with the bootie. Since I am only 5'1 long boots don't always do me justice, I need height and need to do it without looking like I am cat woman on Halloween.  

Don't get me wrong I have worn long boots in the past but when I looked back at pictures, my immediate reaction was "what was I thinking?"   You can also wear booties in the warmer months just don't over do it.  It shouldn't be your go to shoe, so if you are looking for a shoe that you can seemingly use year round.  

The Combat Boot

I have been wanting a pair of combat/hiking boots for like almost ever.  Do I ever go into combat? No. 

I have just seen these all over Pinterest and I want a pair sooo bad.  I love these to pair with skinny jeans and a nice white t-shirt.  They are especially handy during those rainy days when you don't have rain boots handy and you are stuck out in a rain storm with flip flops or un-weatherized booties.  I found these cute ones on Steve Madden and I would love to have them, plus the little bit of faux fur is bound to keep your little toes warm in the winter. 


The Rain Boot

If you have heard the news lately you are well aware that a pair of rain boots is kind of a necessity especially if you are traveling to the east coast.  The one thing that drives me crazy in Houston is the weather.  It can be beautiful once minute and the next bam.  Lighting rain storm.  So my thoughts are a definite yes in the rain boot department.  If your area is in a drought or you live in California then you might not need these, but most definitely wait for the fall sales and pick up a pair in case you travel or if you need it for a rainy day. 

The Tall Boot

For the shorter girl, I definitely recommend wearing a slim tall boot nothing with a wide opening because it causes a flare, these Cole Haan's are so perfect.  I am going to have to do some definite wooing in order to convince E to let me buy these, I am always on the look out for sales so let me know.  Be very careful on where you buy your boots as well.  You can buy the cheaper material and they will last you for that season but if you find a good boot it could last you for a season or two if you usually take care of your boots.  

Do you have any boots you are currently crushing on, did I leave anything out?  Please let me know if the comments below or on social media.  I'd love to hear from you.