Currently Crushing Hair Trends Fall 2015

4 Fall Hair Trends for 2015 | by Vashti Co Blog

I finally have my hair appointment for color Friday and I honestly can't wait.  If you follow me on Pinterest you are well aware that if I am not pinning clothes or food.  I am most definitely pinning hair.  I still haven't made up my mind as to which route I am going to go or if I am going to make a drastic change or just minimal so you will have to wait and see.  You can follow me on instagram and I may even Snapchat : byvashtico some of my time at The Orlando Salon

When it comes to my hair I am a daredevil right up until it is time to make the change.  I am all for it, then I remember E in my ear.  If you don't like it don't complain to me about it.  He prefers my hair long and I have bobbed it once and while it was much easier to deal with, I did on occasion complain.  Now I am loving the Pixie but I don't have the necessary guts to do that.  Gosh I wish I could though, maybe I'll do a Lob first we will see. 

The 4 Hair Trends that I am currently crushing on is:

The Mohawk Braid // When you want that funkier, rebel without a cause hair go for this braid.  It gives you that feel/vibe without cutting all of your hair off and it is less "neat" than the slick back sides.  If I could do more than brush my hair these days, this would totally be my go to.  Pair it with some skinny jeans or jeggings, a nice red lip, tank with a blazer and some booties and you are good to go!

The Blunt Cut // I love layers, I love the shape it gives to my face and the effect it gives when I don't brush it on occasion [okay more often than not], but I love the sleekness to the cut and this coloring is beautiful and perfect for fall, it looks like a natural outgrow of a previous highlight and it is just PERF!

The Pixie Cut //  As stated before I don't have the guts to pull this off, but do you see how gorgeous this instagrammer is?  I instantly followed her as soon as I found this via Pinterest.  The cut is gorgeous I just don't have the head shape for it, and I'd rather not go into details.  I love this cut for so many reasons but the thinner face shapes to me pull this off so well.  I recently saw a lady at the grocery store with it and couldn't stop staring, I made a vow that if I had to stare I needed to say something as well, as long as I was staring for good reason.  

The Lob // This may be my go to, I am not sure I am due for a cut at my next appointment so I may have to wait until closer to January [my birthday month] for me to make a change.  I am so ready for shorter hair.  E keeps sleeping on my current cut and it isn't even as long as it use to be.  I do want my layers to even out though.  But this girl is definitely ready for a change! 

What are your current hair trend obsession?  I loved to see it on Pinterest!  

1.  The Mohawk Braid

3.  The Pixie

2. Blunt Cut

4. The Lob