Life Quote for the Un-Inspired

Life Quote for the Un-Inspired | by Vashti Co Blog
Life Quote for the Un-Inspired | by: Vashti Co Blog

This week isn't even over yet, and it has been one of those weeks.  Most of the week was decently okay, then yesterday happened.  

It is on occasion that one day out of the whole entire month or week, depending on how you handle the situation it can send you into a panic attack, full blown bitch mode, or you will figure out a way to put it in the past and move on.  

I normally would have the two first options either it was panic attack or full blown bitch mode. I use to let morning traffic get to me, then I started thinking well there isn't traffic in the afternoon so there is something to be happy about.  I would let the thought of being a few minutes late send me into panic mode, and I'd drive like a crazy person but then I figured I won't have a job or life if I keep doing this, so relax stay late and make up the time or take the loss. 

Thankfully, I somehow have figured out how to manage it most of the time.  I am a over-thinker in general so I over analyze everything which isn't good at all but in these few [sometimes not so few] circumstances it helps me reassess the situation, think about it and figure out a way to move on from it.  Stop and breath, and think before you do. 

I know some situations fully call for a full blown panic attack and some people can't avoid it as easily or calm down from it but this is just another option.  There is always another way to handle the day, situation, or emotion.  Make sure you get up, believe in yourself, figure out how to not let it happen again, or figure out how to not let it affect you.  

You can't control the opinions, emotions, or character of others so move on from that and make sure you are doing the best you can with what you got.  

It is a new day and a new time, and YOU'VE got this!