10 Must Do's During October in Houston, Texas

10 Must Do's During October | In Houston Texas
  1. Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte - Or in my case a Toasted Graham Latte.
    Why because it is the smart thing to do as an adult, seriously. 
  2. Texas Renaissance Festival begins - 10/10
    My brothers always go to this, but E isn't really a Renaissance kind of guy.  I just love turkey legs so I may try to find myself there this year at some point in the month.  
  3. Karbachtoberfest at Karbach Brewing Co. 10/15
    I am not really a beer kind of girl, but E works for a distribution company and he actually loves their Love Street Beer, plus its always fun to just get out during the week.  
  4. View the HUE Mural Festival - Eado Neighborhood [10/17-10/24]
    I hope I can make it to this one of the days besides gorgeous pictures of murals, I love seeing artwork.  When they have the children's festival last year we went and to see how amazing these kids were with their artwork and of course this lady didn't take her camera.
  5. Watch Hocus Pocus - a million times
    I mean does this need an explanation??
  6. Fall Shopping
    Sales will have started as a matter of fact Aldo is having a 50% off sale starting yesterday and I already have my eye on a couple of things.  Enjoy! 
  7. Nightmare on the Bayou - 10/30
    Because at this point October is almost over and you just need to go.
  8. Carve a Pumpkin
    In past experiences, could just be the neighborhood we lived in but when we carved a pumpkin somehow it was destroyed at our house, so we stopped wasting money on pumpkins.  But now that we are moving the country I think we can start doing it again.  
  9. Dress Up for Halloween
    Another obvious thing to do, I won't be in town this year but I think dressing up can sometimes be really fun.  If you plan it out unlike me and have a costume and you aren't just rummaging through old clothes trying to make a bum costume [E was that one year, lol.] 
  10. Participate in Fright Night in The Heights - 10/31
    Besides getting to go to a bunch of fun bars around The Heights someone is actually going to drive you so you can park your car or get dropped off by Uber which I highly recommend if you are going bar hopping.