The Beautiful You | Why You Definitely Need to Take those Photos.

Why You Should Take The Photos | by Vashti Co Blog. Houston Texas Photographer

My facebook status on by Vashti Co Page read "I don't think anyone realizes the power of a photograph". I know I even tend to forget sometimes.

If you are like me, you think of all the "work" that it takes to gather the kids, put make up, get your husband to wear those suspenders, feed everyone, make sure everyone is in a good mood.

Do you ever remember those feelings once you have that beautiful photograph in front of you?

It has been almost two months since I took these photos with Stacy Anderson Photography and up until yesterday I didn't even realize that this photograph was in my files she sent over. It reminds me of Savannah, Ga., one of my bucket list travel destinations and I honestly love everything about it.  I love it, I absolutely love it. I don't remember much of that day except we drove, we ate, we laughed and we photographed.

The Beautiful You | Why You Need to Say YES, to That Photoshoot! - by Vashti Co., Houston Texas Area Portrait Photographer.

My dream is that woman will soon realize that they don't need to fit in that size 2, they don't have to have it all together, but they do need to make sure and take photos.  Life isn't forever, we don't know what will happen tomorrow and your friends, your family, they need these photographs.  Don't let the only thing people remember you by be the selfie you posted on instagram.  




The point I am trying to make is, that regardless of the dishes in the sink, the crying baby, the loving but sometimes annoying husband, the food not on the table, the wrinkled clothes, etc.

You have to take photographs, if not only to look back and see what a hot piece of shut your mouth you were or are. But to remember that you made it despite all of it. And you honey, you have proof.

I want woman to finally get out of the mind set that you don't need or want to have your photograph taken.  Sometimes we just need to believe in ourselves, our worth, and our ability to conquer all that we do.  We need to dress up, put on some make up, get our hair done, and be our beautiful self.  And if that isn't what you are about, that is perfectly fine.  Do what makes you happy!  

I am no where near happy with the weight that I have put on since my high school years, but I never embraced that body anyways.  I now love that I no longer fit into a XS and I take pride in the fact that I wear a size 6.  

The Beautiful You | Why You Need to Say YES, to That Photoshoot! - by Vashti Co., Houston Texas Area Portrait Photographer.