Budget Friendly Stores - Online Shopping

Budget Friendly Stores - Online Shopping by Vashti Co Blog - How to Update your Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank!

I was never a person who loved online shopping, since I am very picky about materials and the way things fit and I absolutely hate returning items.  But when I can manage how much I spend, apply discounts, and never have to step foot in a mall.  I am all for it. 

While I love designer items, I have the hardest time spending large amounts of money on clothing.  I am lucky if I spend over 12.00 for a shirt.  Since I have been changing the way I dress and trying to keep my wardrobe pretty versatile without having to blow over $1000.00 I have found a few online stores that help. 

Windsor Store
While Windsor Store does have store fronts they do not have one locally in Houston, I believe Dallas is the closest store front which works perfectly for me.  I able to find tulle skirts, dresses, pants, etc.  This is the perfect store for the budget friendly outfits especially to help bring out your personality and style for Senior sessions.

Forever 21
Oh good ole Forever 21, everyone I believe loves to hate Forever 21.  Most of their locations are pretty much ran sacked from the day and it is really impossible to find items that you love there.  It is especially hard to locate something in that store you are actually looking for.  But when I finally decided to try online shopping with Forever 21 it was wonderful.  I do have to say if you find something you absolutely love get it because there have been times that I have lost out because I decided to wait. 

Some may find this to be crazy and Target is mostly used for groceries and small buys but I have found very cute things at Target.  I found booties that I receive tons of compliments on for about $24.99.  I have found beautiful faux fur vest that was perfect for our falls here in Houston.  So the next time you do some online shopping at Target for your essentials don't forget to check out their fashion items as well.

While on a little more of the pricey side ASOS is a good option for online ordering, they connect you with a lot of brands that have quality products and they also have a brand line themselves.  I recently picked up a beautiful leather jacket via their site from Boodoo official and it is perfect.  Just beware that some of their sizes run smaller I had to pick up the jacket in a size 12 and it is still a little snug because it is UK sizes.  

If you want my opinion on other online stores, or places to get your next Session styling from I'd be happy to help.