How To Afford Make Up on a High School Budget?

How to Afford Make Up on a High School Budget | by Vashti Co Blog.

I try my best to not always go straight toward the higher end products when it comes to make up.  I like to spoil myself from time to time, but I also don't want to go overboard.  Plus what girl doesn't want to have the ability to get 2 products for the price of one? 

Today we are going to talk about where you can buy your products and how to save money too.

I follow a few of make up gurus on youtube and instagram.  I pretty much learned how to apply my make up via youtube, a little pinterest, and sometimes short videos on instagram.  The best part of all of those is that vendors love to send those gurus their newest supplies.  Sometimes these are paid sponsors and you may not get an accurate opinion on the product but it is still good to see what they are saying about the products before you run out and buy them. 

is an online make up company who has raved about lipsticks and eyeshadows at a very reasonable price. I have tested a few of their ultra matte lip products and they are amazing.  The eye shadows are very pigmented as well.  Their lipsticks start off around $5.00 which compared to 16.00 at MAC is a pretty good deal. 

You can find some NYX products at your local drugstore and they also have an online website with products ranging from contour kits to eye pencils you can't go wrong.  I have tried a few of their products and I haven't been disappointed. 

At Ulta you can get a wide range of products from high to low costing brands.  They have your everyday beauty routine products.  You can get your flat iron, blow dryer, hair products, make up products, etc., it is the perfect one stop shopping for all around beauty and they offer 20% off discounts and a rewards program. 

I can never get enough of Sephora and while their products can be a little more on the pricey side they do offer a points program as well and allow you to get smaller products so you can test them before you buy a full size product.  They also give you rewards on your birthday.  I was able to test out a Nars lip pencil that I am in love with.  They also can give you samples on products so you don't have to purchase it find out you don't like it and have to retrun it.  

Your local drugstore is a great place to buy make up products simply because you can apply coupons and while this isn't appeasing to many high schoolers it is a great way to save money and get dupes for your favorite brands.  I have tons of lipsticks from Revlon and Loreal that I love and were able to save on because of coupons.  

How do you save money on your beauty purchases?