Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy | by: Vashti Co. Blog

Earlier this year, I decided to merge my photography blog and my lifestyle blogs together.  I was having a really hard time posting to my photography blog and it wasn't generating that much traffic.  I also wanted to re-brand my photography more towards woman - seniors, boudoirs, bridals, Girl, Yes! Portraits, and weddings. 

I started this little blog in April of this year and almost every month I have questioned if what I was doing was a good idea.  Would people understand that this isn't just a photography blog but a little about me blog?  Would it deter people from wanting to book me?  Can I actually make something from this blog?  Would it be okay to do product sponsored post?  Question after question would come in and out of my mind almost on a daily basis.  

Then yesterday after reading a beautiful message from Hey Sweet Pea, I decided Yes! Everything thing that I was currently doing was my perfect.  My fashion post will help clients dress for photo shoots, the beauty post can help clients with their make-up choices, and my travel and food post will make me relate-able.   Boom! 

I have dreamed of a life where I no longer have to return to this three sided tan windowless cubicle, I can work from bed, clothing is optional and coffee is made in my very own kitchen.  

I know being your own boss isn't a walk in the park.  I will continue to make sacrifices, I will have to work harder and longer, and I will have to be responsible.  But I think it is all worth it.  It is worth it to take my kids to school, to make my own coffee, to cut coupons if necessary, to make my own phone calls and return my own emails.  It will be worth it to build something that is all mine.  

I have a lot to learn about business still but it will be worth it to finally describe my job description as more than, oh I work for [insert company name] as a [insert position]. My new and improved job description is: Hello My name is Vashti and I am the owner and photographer at by: Vashti Co. Photography and Blog.  How can I help you?

The thing I want you to leave here knowing is that easy isn't always good for you.  If something doesn't work the first time, it is okay.  Sometimes it is the things that don't work, that push us out of our comfort zone, and make us into the people meant to be.  


Vashti Collins