For all the times I said you didn't care

Keeping up with the thankfulness of this week, I wanted to thank my husband.  This is my thank you for all the times I said "you don't care", and proceed to act like a 2 year old [which yes I know is often].  And Yes, ladies that lovely specimen up there is all mine! 

Thank you for: 

Taking care of me when I am sick and miserable
Cooking me soup even when you don't think it is hot enough to eat soup.
Buying me Vick's at the store after a long day of work.
Taking care of our insane dogs, because they think I am a toy and jump all over me.
Listening to all the things I want to do with my life like blogging, and taking pictures.
Throwing my nieces in the air a million times because they can't get enough of it.
Being there for my nieces and nephews, little cousins, big cousins, and cousins I don't really care for sometimes. 
Letting me tell you that you don't have to coordinate all the colors you wear at once and dressing you.
Wearing bow ties because I think you look sexy in them.
Being the man that I need.
Marrying a small crazy Trinidadian girl with the family to back up the crazy. 
Letting me get away with buying things I don't need, even when I gripe at you for buying things "you don't need".
Taking pictures with me and sometimes letting me post it on social media.
Going to dinner with my parents -- at either Pappas or Cheddars because God forbid they pick another restaurant.
Going places you don't want to go because I feel bad if we don't go.
Telling me I have a nice butt -- because a girl needs the encouragement sometimes.
Loving me when I am mean to you. 
Not always laughing at me when I cry during emotional tv scenes, movies, and everything that I cry about.
Making me care about what I look like -- so I don't look like hot mess express 24/7
Plating our food so I can take pictures for my blog.
Telling me to get off the computer and just watch tv with you.
Making it feel like we are still dating by driving me crazy every single day.
Going through all of the ups and downs of having a baby, and still going through them.
Dealing with my ugly crying face -- Kim K has nothing on this girl, trust me. 
Taking pictures of me for my blog
Letting Kaydense put glitter make up on your face just because, it's Kaydense.
Telling the waiters we need more lamb at Fogo de Chao because it's Lamb for crying out loud. 
Winning Elephants for me at Pleasure Pier. 
Proposing and having my family and your family there. 
Giving me everything a girl could ask for and more.
Warming up my car in this cold weather
Bringing me warm clothes out of the dryer so I can be warm in the morning.
Working hard so we can build the house of our dreams -- or my dreams because you don't care about wall color.
Driving me around Houston to scout photography locations
Buying me cupcakes on your way home from work even when it is out of your way.
The dogs I didn't know I needed
Pizza because it is pizza
Breakfast on Saturday mornings
Your smile. 

Thank you for all the times I said you didn't care, or if I ever made you feel like I don't appreciate you enough.