Why Thanksgiving is my Favorite Holiday

Why Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday | by Vashti Co Blog

All of the holidays were my favorite time of year, anything to do with being off from school was the best thing ever.  But, as you get older if you want time off you have to either work for it, or earn it.  So the holidays started becoming more about working harder in the days ahead and scheduling your time appropriately.  While I still try to organize life and remember things are coming before they actually arrive, getting older has made the holidays seem like just another daunting task of life. 

Since my parents sold their house and are currently in a smaller space it is a lot harder for my mom to hold thanksgiving dinner as she had in the past.  All of the family would come over, each bringing something delicious that they cooked up, we would play board games, watch football, the boys would play some football, and  life was great.

The night before I would get to stay up late and help my mom bake the pumpkin pies, I would get joy to watch them in the oven and hope that she lets me prick them with the toothpick.  It was one of the times as a little kid that I wish I could go back to because it was just me and my mom hanging out.

Of course, when everyone finally made it over the next day it was fun to run around with your cousins and dodge the relentless uncle who wanted to pinch your cheeks every time he saw you.  It was nice because everyone was at some point together and at least being thankful.  Our house wasn't that big so everyone ate at different times to accommodate, but it was nice to have family all in one place for something as special as thanksgiving. 

I miss the traditions of it all and hopefully when we finally have a house of our own, we can start some traditions of our own and I can finally make Pumpkin Pies under the same roof as my mom again.  

What is one of your favorite memories from your Thanksgiving holiday?