The Most Wonderful Time of the Year | Freebie

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In hopes of finally getting ahead of life and a little organized as well, this past Sunday I started a similar style to bullet journal, cleaned up my Pinterest boards, and started a December blogging prompt list.  You girl is on a roll.  I am also going to try this whole timed to do list where I give myself a certain amount of time to complete a task and then have to move on to something else or get work done.  A lot of my business problems seem to be focused on the unfinished "ideas" I tend to come up with.  

If you are in Houston and want to meet up for coffee dates, I am up for it.  I recently started listening to Space to Face podcast and I feel like I need to spend more time in situations that make me uncomfortable.  Anyone have a tutorial on also how to get rid of this bitch resting face, I am open to tips.   Maybe that should be my next tutorial. 

Every year I tell myself I am going to hand out gift cards to everyone but end up find deals and in hopes of saving money decide to go the route of shopping, but this year I decided it shall mostly be done online or early mornings.  I am over these crowds, and I am always down for a little coffee and shopping.  

This part of the year is always overwhelming so I want to read a little more and finally get all of these online workshops completed that I got deals on during Black Friday Sales, I am so ready to tackle 2016.  So any good books that you guys are currently crushing on give me details.

I also want to get to know my readers more and make sure I producing quality content for you guys, I hope sometime this month to send out a reader survey.  If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet don't forget to -- sign up in the side bar [that cute thing to the left] new newsletters will be sent out starting in January. 

I just want to say thank those of you who read this little blog of mine!