Blogger Feature | Pretty In Her Pearls

I am all about girl power, not in the male bashing sense of girl power but girls helping girls be better, boss better, and do better.  So, when Angela reached out to me on one of my many post in a facebook blogging community, I was nervous and excited at the same time.  

Angela is a fashion + beauty blogger at Pretty In Her Pearls based out of the Woodlands, Texas.  Angela is a sweetheart with a sense of style to kill.  I kind of suck at first impression, I always worry that I am going to clam up, have no personality and shut down.  But, Angela was the perfect client and she brought her little guy along to keep me company while she changed outfits.  He is adorable!  

Angela and I had linked up before to shoot some blog photos but a malfunction with my memory card left half of her photos in the dark, literally I had no clue where they went.  I had to tell her we would have to reshoot, I felt horrible.  She was sweet and told me it was no big deal we could always shoot again, of course by that time I had already pre-planned every bad scenario in my mind out, so I wasn't expecting her to be the sweetest and be okay with it. 

When we were finally able to get together to shoot again, I made sure I brought my laptop to transfer the photos in between outfits. If you haven't made it over to her blog yet, do so now.  All outfit details are on her blog.   

Photo Cred :  Vashti Co

Blogger Feature | Angela A - Pretty In Her Pearls
Blogger Feature | Angela A - Pretty In Her Pearls
Blogger Feature | Angela A - Pretty In Her Pearls