Let's Weigh In

What I should be eating! 

Discussing weight is annoying.  I literally cringed at my doctor's appointment when she said "okay, let's get on the scale".  I normally don't care about getting on the scale, I always wondered why women cared so much and now I totally understand.  After putting on a few pounds I wasn't too happy to have to get on the scale and I wanted to tell myself someone was behind me pushing down on it.

I knew I had gained some weight [I just kept hoping our scale at home was wrong].  The problem is that as you get older the food you were able to tolerate in life before isn't the same.  Cheese and Bread have been my nemesis these past few years, bloating has been extremely horrible recently and losing weight has been non-existent, it is more of a steady incline than decline.  

I know it is time for me to finally get some of my nutrition in check because let's get real "you are what you eat".  I unfortunately sit at a desk all day with little to no exercise.  Once I am off I feel like it is a race to get everything done before bed and on top of 4 dogs, dinner, laundry and everything else life seems to get in the way.  

With the recent time change, it is making it a lot harder to not work out as soon as I arrive home from work.  It is getting dark around 5:30-6:00 now a days which really sucks.  But these I know now are all excuses.  Excuses I make to make me feel okay, about not doing the things I need to do.  So it is time for a schedule. 

It is time to make a schedule that I can do on a daily.  I feel like I can incorporate some running and some indoor activity to help get this ball rolling.  I also need to make some dietary changes, ASAP.  I want to get one of those watches that record your run, heart beat, plays music, etc.  I need someone to keep me accountable, and of course I need to change my eating habits. 

There is nothing like the doc saying "you've gained some weight since our last visit".  So while I didn't need a kick in the butt, it was definitely heard loud and clear - get your ish together Vashti.  No more excuses.  

Today, I am going to make a list of things I can eat on a every day occasion and try my best to meal prep for the days that E wants to indulge.  I am also hoping to get a meet up in with Coach Cristal as soon as possible, my cold last month cancelled our original plans and I am hoping she is free soon! If you haven't seen or heard about her yet, do so soon.  

Click below to download a daily meal planner: 

What are you doing to start your weight loss goals?