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Sticking to my goal of attending more social events in the new year, I attended a creative workshop at Mibellarosa Design Studio with Phong Nguyen.  Upon arriving we were greeting by Phong and the below array of goodies, they were freshly baked cookies and croissants along with bellinis and mimosas.  I mean if that was the end of the workshop I would've honestly been happy, no compliant from this girl. 

A few other local creatives also attended the workshop so it was nice to finally put faces to instagram accounts for those I hadn't met, and also see a few I hadn't seen in a while.  It is so hard to keep up with where I met who and who belongs to which instagram account and it was nice to also be recognized myself.  

We were given the pre-made wreaths and clipper to take home with us along with a personalized gift box with little goodies to make our own wreaths at home.  

A few tips I learned:

If you are one to DIY, Home Depot will let you take tree trimmings from their tree section which can bring the cost down on your home-made wreath.  I am sure you can ask any other local grocer that sells trees as well.  It never hurt to ask. 

If you are one to forage items from you local open field [we have those in Texas] be sure to watch out for bugs, they sometimes will come home with you and no one wants that. 

A glue gun can be your best friend.

And lastly you should really thank your florist if you pick one of these up every year, there is a lot of work that goes into it. 

DIY Wreath Workshop | by Vashti Co.
DIY Wreath Workshop | by Vashti Co.

Once introductions were done we were told that the pre-made wreaths were not what we would be working with and as you can see below we had to make it from scratch.  You can also see a little of my bellini there as well.  It isn't as easy as it seems to make a Wreath from scratch so I totally recommend getting the premade Wreath and adding in your foliage

The calligraphy was done by nibandpixel and aren't they just darling [it was also nice to kind of finally meet you Dionne], those were also ours to take home with us as well. 

Overall the workshop was a nice array of light conversation, great humor, and the ability to mingle outside of E and our dogs is always a plus.  I hope that I can get to some more of these events because these ladies are pretty darn amazing. 

Do you know how to make a DIY wreath from scratch? 

DIY Wreath Workshop | by Vashti Co.
DIY Wreath Workshop | by Vashti Co.
DIY Wreath Workshop | by Vashti Co.

Below is my styled finished product, it rained a little during the class and the wet concrete was a beautiful contrast to my dainty wreath.  I hope you guys are having a blast on your weekends!

DIY Wreath Workshop | by Vashti Co.