Christmas Morning Traditions


Good morning loves! 

I hope you are enjoying your morning cup of coffee, tea, or if you are a rebel a glass of wine [no judgement here].  I hope you enjoyed a lot of time with your family or friends and are ready for the holidays.  In an attempt to get into the holiday spirit I wanted to talk holiday traditions, I would love to hear about yours as well in the comments below or on social media.

I would always be the first person to beg mom to get the Christmas tree out of storage so I could start decorating it with everything from ornaments to tinsel [I feel like I am the only one who did that].  I remember the first year I did it all by myself, I had so much fun being able to put things where ever I wanted with no one hating on my decorating skills. 

The night before Christmas was always fun because I was able to stay up just a little longer with my mom baking cookies to leave for Santa.  We would finish wrapping up any last minute gifts and tuck them under the tree.  I would always remember that there were always a lot more under there the next morning once Santa arrived. 

On Christmas morning I remember like it was yesterday my oldest brother Davy would always come into my room and whisper for me to wake up because Christmas Day had finally arrived. I would always wonder how I somehow made it from the couch to my bed.  Then, I would get out of bed and run out to see if Santa ate my cookies, a little skeptical if I burned some but still excited.  Year after year I would wake up to find a bite out of one of my cookies, then I would always open one gift under the tree before guest arrived.  It was my favorite memory when we all lived together before going off into our own separate lives.  

What was your favorite holiday tradition?