Let's Make a Plan

Let's Make a Plan | by Vashti Co Blog.

As I told you guys I am in full mode to get organized this year, planning my weeks, or even my meals would be soo freakin' awesome.  I, of course have tried this before.  Normally I start it around the month of January and fall off around February.  I mix and match sometimes, last year I tried to utilize Elle & Company's calendar, it didn't work.  No fault of theirs, I have issues sticking to one calendar -- commitment issues [I, kid].  

If you are a planner nerd like I want to be, here are a few beautiful calendars I stumbled upon this year and some I have used to build up my new "bullet journal" if I can even call it that.  

This year I decided to start off with a blank sketch book and kind of design something that works for my life.  It is more like a book I throw a bunch of my crazy into and I feel like it works for me because it is more of a holder of all things I think/need/want/do.  Yeah I am complicated that way.  I may even turn this into a planner/workbook later on in life because of course I have to add something more to my daily tasks. 


Online Download
Elle & Company - Purchase
Small Paper Things - FREE & beautiful

A5 - Size
Pen Gems - A5 size FREE

DIY Tutorial
It's Always Autumn 

Bullet Journal - bullet journal information

How do you get organized?

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