Christmas As An Adult

image from Unsplash

image from Unsplash

Ahh, Christmas is literally 2 days away, 1 more work day and 1 more off day before the big day.

But today, I wanted to talk about Christmas as an adult and the sometimes daunting truth behind it all [at least for me].  Especially Christmas without kiddos of my own. 

For those of you that were blessed enough to have one in the oven soon after your wedding, spending your first Christmas as a married couple may have come and gone quickly or you spent it well knowing that it was your last Christmas with it being just two. I feel like Christmas with kids of my own is going to be really freakin' awesome but until then below is how I feel. 

Christmas as an adult has me completely understanding why couples find themselves on beaches on the closest island with mojito/margarita in hand.  Christmas to me as an adult [and this could totally be because we don't have our own place yet] isn't all it once was.  

I can honestly say I am already thinking of planning next years trip for Christmas time, I don't care if it is an island, a snow resort, or a desert.  I don't want to be in Houston, Texas for Christmas and perfectly enough it falls on a weekend so E shouldn't have any issues getting off of work. 

I love buying gifts for family and friends, but when people complain about their gifts or E and I spend our hard earned money on others to only feel like the last people on everyone's mind when gifts are handed out.  It makes it a lot easier to not want to be present on Christmas Day, especially if the only people that think about us are each other and because we spend money on everyone else we don't give one another a gift.  

A few years ago, we went to San Antonio, Texas for Christmas and I cried, because I was so sad to be apart from my nieces and nephews on Christmas Day.  But, looking back on that Christmas it has been the best Christmas as an adult that I can remember.  

It was just E and I, we stayed in our hotel room for most of the time but I had also planned lovely dinners at nice restaurants and we were able to sit back, enjoy each other's company and just be with one another and it was the best time ever.  We still talk about how much fun it was.  

The only thing that will change my mind from traveling for Christmas is if by some miracle I get pregnant, our house is completely built or if E's job doesn't allow him the time off [but with it being the weekend we should be fine].  I am even thinking about not being around family for the first New Year's Ever, this year.  I feel like E and I spend a lot of time with family and less time appreciating ourselves.   

I am not sure what it is, maybe family tension, the lack of Christmas feels, or what but to me Christmas just doesn't give me any of the feels it use to and I sometimes can't wait for it to be over. 

How has your Christmas changed as an adult?