Top Buns, Faux Fur + Plaid

Top Bun, Faux Fur + Plaid | Fashion Blogger - by: Vashti Co.
Top Bun, Faux Fur + Plaid | Fashion Blogger - by: Vashti Co.

I have been trying to do my best to start dressing up more when I come to work, it is surprising to my co-workers since I normally walk around here like a zombie in transition.  

The past few weeks I went from having a cold to a full on sinus infection so the zombie effect was in full throttle, which meant it was time to put some make up on, dress up and be a little more presentable.

Fall here in Houston is let's just say cray.  We currently have the high of 75 today with the low of 54.  So when you wake up and put on faux fur in the morning it is okay but when you walk out in the afternoon you are all kinds of crazy. 

I picked up this faux fur from Target last year and knew it was something that I can continue to pair with a different outfits in the fall for years to come.  The length is perfect so you can wear it with a pencil skirt, or body con dress.  I also love that it went perfectly with these high waisted pants that I picked up from the Old Navy clearance section for a whole $6.00.  The thermal I actually picked up while at Walmart, I wish I was able to find more because they fit so comfortably and look really good and for only $7.96 it was a deal I wasn't going to pass up.

I added a pair of small round metal earring in for a little added touch to the overall look and paired it with a bold red lip. 

Who said being a fashionista had to be expensive

What are your favorite fall trends?