All Black Everything

All Black Everything - Outfit Inspiration | by Vashti Co Blog


I am in desperate need of updating my wardrobe.  I honestly wish clothes fell from the sky, into my closet and it was everything I loved.  Wouldn't that be so great?  But until that fairy tale does happen, I am going to continue pinning items that I need in my life. You know so I can look it up with ease. 

When I first started getting into fashion I was into the all black everything look, going to dinner - all black, going to the grocery store - all black.  And I have to say that I am currently back on that, I feel like I have missed it.  Do you know how hard it is to pair all these colors together?  At least when I am getting ready in the dark, black is easy to match to an extent.  I completely understand that their are different shades of black. 

Up there I chose a few of my currently crushing items.  I want those wedges like yesterday.  The ripped jeans, I have been searching high and low for and who doesn't need a comfy black top in their wardrobe.  These earrings as much as my husband hates the word fleek, they are pretty on fleek!  

I will discuss our weight loss journey more in depth later, but the hubby and I are trying to get fit, and I want to look as skinny as possible in my all black.  I am ready to get back to the old me.  So does the all black mean I am mourning the old me, heck no!  I am entirely ready to embrace the new me.  I am ready to get rid of 20lbs, flabby arms, and this huge face (can you work out your face, my jaw line is soo big). 

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