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San Antonio Texas - The Travel Diaries | by Vashti Co Blog


I recently donated a photo session to a friend's sister in law, for her senior portraits and it required us to travel to San Antonio.  Of course, me being me.  I forgot to look up what's happening in San Antonio for the weekend and of course it is one of the biggest weekends in San Antonio.  There were like a million things going on for Fiesta, and there was people everywhere.  

We left early on Saturday morning around 4:30a to arrive around 7:30a to beat all of the traffic and the heat of the day, which totally worked out perfectly wouldn't you say.  


After our senior session I was in desperate need for a nap.  If there was one thing I was immensely great at it would be taking naps in hotels with great beds and pillows.  LOL.  As per the usual we stay at our favorite hotel, because there is so much within walking distance for us to do.  There is a movie theater, HEB, Old Navy, Marshalls, Restaurants, Starbucks, and much more.  It also isn't too far from shopping malls, and the river walk.  

Since Fiesta was going on this week, I was all for avoiding downtown after our senior session, so we ended up at a little thing they call "Oyster Bake".  My husband and I thought it was a restaurant in the area, which I typically look up things like that.  I think my bestie forgot to mention that purposely.  = | lol.   I can't say that my husband is a introvert but I definitely am, so when we arrived at "Oyster Bake" and realized it was an outdoor festival we looked at each other like "what did we get ourselves into".  The festival is on the campus of St. Mary's University and there were live bands playing at different areas, with tons and tons of food and people.  This weekend allows for people to drink in public with open containers so it is pretty much like the streets of Las Vegas in San Antonio, TX.  A introverts nightmare.  LOL. 

We caught a ride with my friend and her husband so running for the hills was pretty much out of the question.  We had to stick it out and actually had a bit of fun.  I wish I had taken more pictures but there was so many people and I was too afraid to drop my phone.  I had a turkey leg, shrimp on a stick, and a few oyster shots which were pretty darn good.    

Sunday we headed home but of course made a stop at the San Marcos Outlets which is like a tradition for us, but now that Houston has it's own Outlets, we may cut that out of our trip.  Of course road trips in Texas aren't the same if you don't stop at a Buccee's so we made our final stop after passing through Luling at Buccee's, for this lovely treat of cheese and sausage.