Healthy for the DirtyThirty

Shedding Weight for a Milestone Birthday | by Vashti Co Blog

I will soon turn 30, and after another failed attempt at conceiving (read about it here) I decided I was going to pick myself up off the floor (not literally) and do something about myself.  

I had been trying to get E to work out with me in hopes that he would push me more than I could push myself.  It would also be a lot easier to cook for two if we were both eating the same meal. After we talked about everything that was going on in our lives and what we hoped to achieve in the future.  He was all in.  We are going to try to stick to a gluten free diet as much as we possible could since overall it is healthier for us PCOS girls.  

We have a lot of aspirations that I continuously swept under the rug because I thought I had to have kids before I was 30, but I have come to the realization that I don't and that is perfectly fine.  E and I have had a lot of great years together and I feel like some of our best are yet to come.  I no longer want to envy those that travel, because I can go out and do it myself.  As tempted as I am to quit my job and figure out how to backpack somewhere I could never be far from E, and not having something to do on a daily basis would drive me crazy.  

We are two weeks into our "getting healthy" lifestyle we just had our first week that allotted for a "cheat meal", I say "cheat day" is the best way to go.  LOL.  I feel like meal prepping is the best way to go in order to not feel super overwhelmed in order to avoid getting burned out.  

I will need to do a more in-depth grocery shopping list with images, etc., that will take me a weekend to prep but no fear I will get it done.  

I can honestly say I feel much better since we have started working out, unfortunately I am still a bit tired but that is also getting better as well.  You have to give it all time if you look for results right away you will just let yourself down.  

I created a hashtag #sheddingforthedirtythirty it is long, but if you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle use the hashtag I would love to see your journey.