5 Summer Wardrobe Must Haves


I am so happy for warmer weather, although we did have a cold front come through Houston within the past two days.  It is perfectly fine though.  It isn't going to keep me from picking up a few of my summer must haves.  

1. Floral/Non Floral Rompers

If you haven't already invest in an amazingly sexy, comfy, romper.  These things are definitely in style and can easily go from day to night in a flash.  Floral is totally in right now and so are pastels so I recommend merging the two and buying a simple romper.  I am loving the two below because of the plunging necklines.  Now if you are like myself and aren't well endowed in the top area you can pick yourself up one of these bralets.   I am all in for showing a bit more skin this summer the days will get hot with that cold winter that we had.  Give me the sunblock and the great outdoors.  I. AM. READY. 

similar looks here & here


2.  Strappy Sandals

You will definitely need to get some strappy sandals, I mean what summer are these not in?  Seriously?  I have a few pairs that are on the brink of literal death so I am on the look out for a few more.  I am trying to get past wearing Old Navy flip flops outside of the house so I definitely need to refresh my sandals game.  I am totally digging these leather strappy sandals with the behind the ankle support.  

similar here


3. Beach Waves 

I completely suck at curling my hair, not actually curling it but taking the time to do it.  Honestly I much rather sleep.  It's the truth.  But these are a definite summer must.  There are a few tutorials on how to achieve beach waves that last.  

Here are a few tutorials  Alex Garza, Make Up By Alli

4. Canvas Backpack

Okay so this option could totally just be me, but I literally am dying for a canvas backpack to carry for the summer.  When we are out and about sometimes I have to give E all of my junk because I don't want to carry my huge purse on one should or I don't have pockets to carry it in.  I am totally digging the canvas backpacks.  

similar here


5. Bright Lips & Highlighters

I know that bright lips have been in for a bit now, but I think we will see more of them this summer.  I am totally going to break out the hot pink that I wore to a friends 80s party and doll myself up.  I think the highlighter will enhance it just that bit more to give you that sunkissed look.  

similar lipstick & highlighter 

I am always open to new ideas if you think there is something I missed let me know in the comments below.  Have a great day