Are you sharing too much?

Social Media - When is it too much? | by Vashti Co Blog

When you decided to create a blog or be part of the million social media sites that are available at the tip of your hands.  You become well aware that this is going to be public (unless of course your's is private).  You also have a tendency to share too much, much more than you normally would.  I am not even sure how I come off on social media (I'm welcome to comments on this).  But I do know for sure that I wouldn't ever tell a random stranger about my morning coffee, I always fear the concerning look of who cares but people on social media care.  And you don't have to see their face. 

When I was initially diagnosed with PCOS I wasn't worried about it so I didn't feel like telling people about the struggle to have children was important.  I mean some things are on a need to know basis and sometimes you don't need to know.  But when it started getting more difficult I wanted to tell people about it, I wanted the people who were struggling about it to know that they weren't alone.  

Now don't get me wrong I totally love social media, like love them!  I am mostly on instagram and Pinterest, but slowly but surely Face and Twitter are up there.  I am totally not a snapchatter yet, even though it is getting really big and I may or may not have signed up a few years back. I mean I can't even keep up with most of them and some I want to stay far away from solely because I have too many to keep up with already or I don't understand at all.   E tells me I am a social media fanatic, it's not that bad seriously.  I think. I hope


My question is what is too much?  I am not sure there is a limit.  People choose who to follow and what they share.   Of course, I don't agree with how much people share on social media, but I don't think there is a limit.

I think as a blogger social media can totally make or break you.  Sometimes I think people need to realize that if they apply for a job they might look at your social media accounts and do you think they would like what they see?

I recently changed my instagram account because I started instagram before I had a blogging platform or photography business and now while I try to post enough things to showcase my photography and my blog, I try to hold back and be selective on everything else. 

So my question is at what point do you hold back, or what do you not share on social media?