Cleaning Out The Closets

E had previously scheduled some much needed vacation time and we figured we would make our way to Austin for the weekend.  Little did we realize that Mother's Day was this weekend and so was my nieces birthday.  I am normally on top of these things but I totally blame calendar syncing.  That works right?

Instead of jumping in the car and renting a fancy hotel room for an overly priced amount, we decided to stay home, rest, and clean up.  We have constantly put our "major" cleaning on the back burner and decided that this would definitely be the week we could finally get rid of old clothes, and items around the house we really didn't need.  

E lost a lot of weight (which I am totally jealous of) within the past two years so we had a ton of his clothing that he barely wore or still had the tags on it.  Tragic!  So we put all of the clothes in bags and are hoping to donate it fairly soon.  But we finally deep cleaned.  

There were items I had that I was just holding on to for whatever reason and if I couldn't give a good explanation as to why I had to keep it, it went to the give away pile.  If it was faded it went to the giveaway pile.  If it was an unmatching sock it went in the trash, if it was undergarments it went in the trash.  A few pair of boots that were a little weathered went into the put out in the trash pile, solely because people come and pick up things that are gently used from our garbage (could totally be the area we live in, not sure). 

We are slowly washing the clothes that we decided to keep but at this point still have no clue where to put them once they are clean. I still may throw out a few things that we missed on the first time around.  We literally have 6 totes of clothing that we have to wash at this point I want to throw it all out.  

My main focus this year is to start the house project and while narrowing down a house plan was hard, it is only going to get worst as we go.  So it is better to throw out as much as possible right now.

Need to clean out the closets?  Are you prepping to move into a new home?  Do you have too much clutter and need to get rid of it all.  

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before cleaning out the closets.

1.  Have you used it within the last 6 months? Will you use in within the next 6 months?

2.  Why are you keeping it?  If you don't have a good enough reason, throw it out.

3.  Do you want it in your new place? Do you have the space to keep it?  Would you pay to put it in storage?

4.  Does it fit?  If not don't keep it even if you lose/gain weight you can buy new stuff.

5.  Is it out of season?  If you have an item that you think will come back in style keep it for only one more year or two after that throw it out.

6.  Do you have to get it repaired?  If so will it be cheaper to replace?


I may do another series on cleaning out your filing cabinet and desk area soon.  Any one use the neat receipts line yet?  Thoughts love to hear about it.