This week has been all about cleaning out LIFE, the house can take a back burner this time.  I am so ready to get back to my old self, lose a couple of pounds and start living.  Like really LIVING. 

I am completely jealous of Nina Dobrev's Gypsy Road Trip.  Can I join?

I was totally against videos and snapchat but I am thinking that it will be a great marketing venture.  I could shoot behind the scenes of photoshoots and travel snaps.  The only thing I don't care for is how it is used for nudes, etc.  

If you have snapchat, send me your info once I do join I can add you.  = D  And I am so behind on Taylor Swift's 1989 Album, I know. Don't judge me.  Watch this video too. 

Moving right along.  I get off track wayyy too often. 

Time to clean house (life)

So you are ready to make some changes, get to living, and start being an adult.  Here are a few things that I am changing (hopefully). It's time to put my big girl pants on and start being an adult. 


  1. FINANCES - Big girls get their finances together.  It is time to stop impulse buying.  If you want something save up for it, if you no longer want it once you saved up for it then don't buy it.  Just because someone on social media has it, doesn't mean you do too.  I am going to implement this policy starting next month because we have some serious saving to do. 
  2. GET RID OF FRIENDS - I have come to the much needed conclusion that we grow up and apart.  Stop investing time in people who don't want or care to invest time in you.  You were friends once, it's not that big of a deal to stop being friends.  People grow up and grow apart.  IT IS O. K. 
  3. TRAVEL - This is where #1 will come into play.  Once you save up to buy things and then no longer want/need them put your money into a travel fund.  The one thing you will gain from travel is one thing that will leave you richer after it is done.  Experience life.  
  4. LOSE THE BAGGAGE - In no reference to travel.  Get rid of those sorrows.  I am talking to myself personally.  I have a tendency to feel like I have to make things okay, and I don't.  If we had a past experience, and I did something to wrong you, and you can't forgive me on your own nothing I say will make that better.  If you aren't reaching out to me your obviously not worried about it, so I shouldn't be either.  Somethings are meant to be buried and doors are meant to close.  God I am preaching here.  I am just tired of making things right between us and no one cares to reach out to me to do the same.  My number hasn't changed.  
  5. LIVE - Lose the weight, take breathers, eat better, and be lost completely and utterly in you.  Laugh more, enjoy the things you love.  Be in love, like really in love.  Love the people who love you.  I am so tired of being guarded and sheltering because I want to protect myself from hurt just because I fear being hurt so much.  But I have realized that the years that I loved completely, I was happier.  Be happier people.  You enjoy life, and if you get hurt that's life.  You will live.  I promise. 

I am ready to put on my big girl pants are you?  I'd love to join you on your journey, let's get social.