I have to admit a few things in this cleaning process, this is some soul cleaning. JK. 

1.  TVD Fan

I am a die hard TVD (The Vampire Diaries, duh) fan, so when Nina Dobrev announced that this would be her last season, I almost cried.  Then when she posted past photos of her last day, I almost died.  This time I was tempted to cry a little.  I am soo sad.  


I am apparently a very spoiled lady.  Yes it has taken me a few years to come to this realization, but I like things the way that I like them.  We checked into a "inn" that is totally not up to my standards.  I am so picky, and I can't believe this must be the many years of accepting the BS.  Plus, E has completely spoiled me (much more than my mom ever did) and I haven't even realized it (but shh don't tell him I know this).


I have sucked at my new years resolutions, really bad.  BUT, I did just sign up to do PiYo with my new beach body coach, whoop whoop (new favorite words = |).  I am hoping that she keeps me in check and I get through the 60 days, I also need to invest in some good knee brace thingy's.  I don't really care for gyms even though I continue to pay for a membership and barely go.  I am definitely still eating fairly okay, I had a few days of crap food, like burger and pizza.  I am back on track though, nothing like a good stomach ache to wake you up.  


I am a total buzz kill, I legit will not like something and my mood will completely change.  I need to change this, because I literally where my heart on my sleeve it is like my face is emojis.  No joke.  And this B resting face needs to go somewhere.  I want to be approachable, anyone have a tutorial on that?  lol. Seriously?  Anyone?


I was so organized I created a binder and made a planner and then I didn't do anything with it. Time to pick that back up and get dates written down.  I have post that I need to do for my photography blog that just aren't getting done, but I have no issue posting here.  The words just come and rest here for reals y'all.  Like that southern twang there.  = D Sometimes it is completely effortless, I guess because I can write what is on my mind.   I really want to do more fashion post those are a bit harder since I don't really have a photographer and E much rather watch sports, LOL.  Can't blame the guy.  


I am over television a bit, and if E didn't have to watch sports I would probably get rid of cable all together, either shows are ending, main characters are being killed off, or it just got boring.  I haven't watched Scandal in forever.  = | I think I am over television and into YouTube.   Are you guys vlogging?  I'd love to check out your channel, leave it in the comments.  


I really need to step my game up, I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong.  I am unsuccessfully photographing, everyone loves my work but no one wants to pay me for it.  I can see a great progress in my images, but don't feel like I am at times because I can't book any shoots.  I am hoping that the workshop I have coming and me hopefully blogging on my photography site will help other's see my work.  Failure isn't an option and I know I can do this.