Weekend Round Up [Vashti Travels to Kyle, TX]

Oh guys this weekend was another road trip weekend!  I am sure I have said this before but in case you're new to the blog, I shoot weddings.  Let me clarify I photographically shoot weddings.  You can see some of my stuff here.  

We had a wedding this weekend in Kyle, TX and the bride was nice enough to get a hotel for the entire weekend for us, so sweet right.  Kyle, TX is really close to Austin, TX and a little further to San Antonio, TX, but right around the corner from San Marcos.  

So of course we made a girls trip out of it which was AWESOME besides the traffic the traffic sucked!  Here is a little how our trip went, you can also find some of our trip on snapchat (byvashtico).  

This weekend also happened to be graduation weekend for some colleges in the area so that caused a little more people to be in the areas we went to.  Over all the weekend was tons of fun.  We did some shopping, watched Pitch Perfect, and went to Gruene, TX, which apparently has the oldest dance hall in Texas.  

While this was a much needed getaway I am always happy to be home with my doggies, E and relaxing.  We returned just in time to see my niece and nephew, and to get some grub that my parents made.  


Thursday evening, I started a snapchat after hearing so much good about it, I only knew about it when people were using it for not so nice reasons.  I was totally against it, apparently it is great for marketing and business.  

Our roadtrip begins, but is halted by too much traffic in Houston, we probably shouldn't have left during rush hour traffic.  = |  Stacy picked up some snack which she categorized into sour/sweet.  LOL.  I just grab snacks I don't categorize them.  So I know everyone loves sour worms, but there is sour octopus now, not sure why this was dreamed up, and to avoid getting salt/sugar all over me I was shoving them in my mouth whole.  = D

See the traffic we kept running into, every time we picked up speed we ended right where we started.  Can we get less traffic if we pay toll?  Umm, no. 

Our Friday started with having to run to the local CVS because Stacy left her toothbrush and the only toothpaste we both thought she brought, I really hope we didn't breath on anyone that morning.  Sorry all.  After getting our teeth all nicely fresh we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and if you are unfamiliar with it get familiar with it, I love Cracker Barrel it is everything you don't need on your "diet", but you want on your "diet" Southern Comfort food. YUM.  After doing some much needed retail therapy since we were stuck in traffic the day before, we headed out to our wedding had tons of fun, hence the glow sticks.  Filled ourselves with Whataburger the only way after a wedding. 

Saturday we had all to ourselves and made the most of it.  We went to Austin to The Domain and did some shopping there, decided it was time to see Pitch Perfect 2 and after running to 3 different theaters we then decided it was a smart decision to buy tickets online and go to a theater a little closer to our hotel.  We still had time to kill after that so we were off to Gruene, TX to get some grub.  Once we were full and happy we headed back to the hotel to get some much needed rest.  

I hope you had a wonderfully fun filled weekend, with shopping and great food.  The only way weekends should commence.  Let me know what you did this weekend, tag me on FB, IG and follow me on Snapchat. 

Happy Socializing Monday, people!