Life through Quotes

Defining Me: Introvert, Romantic, Simplest, Chic, Trendy, Fashionably late, and loving. 

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When I am in a mood or I feel like there are words that could better describe my mindset, or thoughts I normally turn to Pinterest.  I find either quotes that boost my words or images, etc. 

Sometimes I can totally have some deep thoughts but I can't ever seem to get them down on paper and Pinterest really helps with that.  There are a ton of creatives out there and their words hit the spot sometimes.  If I have  a friend that needs kind words but I can't come up with anything I turn to Pinterest, if I need some laughter in my life I turn to Pinterest, if I am shopping too much I turn to Pinterest, when I need to motivate myself to get off the couch and stop eating potato chips I turn to Pinterest.    

With that said, today I decided to bless you with a few of my favorite quotes from Pinterest, so be ready to laugh, cry, and be inspired. 


During those moments that you need to work out and seem to only have time to complain about it.  Just get up, and get out.  I love this for fitness and business pick me ups.  I can always find the words to complain about something but never to be successful, that is going to stop. 

For whatever reason, I have been having the strongest urge to help people.  We were at a restaurant yesterday and there was the sweetest older couple there and I wanted to pay for their dinner, but felt shy about it.  Today at the corner store a guy was buying somethings and for once in my life I had cash and I wanted to pay for the items, but didn't.  You don't have to have a reason to help people. 

If this doesn't hit home I don't know what would.  I am definitely a watch and learn type of person, I sit back I see people's true colors and then I assess the situation.  I maybe an introvert to a sense but there is a definite purpose in that.  

Be the difference in the world.  Period.  

If you know me personally you know I love to laugh, I will laugh at just about anything.  E tells me that I laugh for no reason, but ultimately I'd much rather be laughing than crying any day, so bring on the laughter.  Follow me on twitter I say some pretty amazing things within 140 characters.  

I mean can I get any real-er than this.  One of my favorite quotes, to make someone smile.  You are awesome! 

Posted this to Instagram a while ago, and I have to admit.  It does look good on me.  I look pretty damn good I must say.  


I mean this doesn't even have to be during the summer, since social media is definitely a huge part of how you get your business out there sometimes my phone is literally attached to my hip, well via my pocket but I have an excuse.  Right?  I am going to put it down maybe designate a time to essentially let my phone be to itself.  Scheduling things may be the best way to do this. 

A - M- E-N! I mean the audacity of some people, but kill them with kindness.  I had a really bad attitude problem growing up, I held grudges, I even hated people.  I feel like I have really grown and honestly some things & people aren't worth it.  Never allow someone to diminish you.  

This quote is on my about me page, simply because it is relevant.  I love it because I feel like the raw emotion of writing is where you are able to let someone you never knew to know you just a little more.  I love written word. 

I mean it's Shakespeare & a great quote.  I love when I create a tutorial that someone can follow and I feel like I helped in a sense.  So when I learn something I want to show it to people.  Possibly out of pure joy. 

It is heartbreaking.  Sometimes I want to just hug people, even though I am not a fan of hugging people I don't necessarily know & I hate when people cry in front of me.  I am weird & awkward.  I know. 

I don't think this needs an explanation and is entirely way too funny.  

I know I am a girl and I shouldn't curse, but I do.  I always feel like I am trying to conform into whatever is socially acceptable, like I shhh my family when we are being loud at restaurants, etc., but I don't feel like people care much when they do it to us.  I feel like I am always concerned about what others think, and while I hold myself to a certain standard of being, I need to calm the F* down and stop being so uptight.  Shake it off literally. 

Just read it.  Like now.  You can relate on any level. 


Lawd, yes.  I need to stop talking sometimes.  I mean be private keep things private, stop telling the world every little detail about you.