I am a quitter.

I am a quitter, I'll admit it.  But I never let that hold me back from continuously trying to accomplish my ultimate goal.  I guess I can say I take breaks.  They are sometimes not warranted or needed and I get pushed back further from my goal.  One goal I have managed to keep up is that I haven't had soda for a little over 3 weeks now and that is an accomplishment in itself.  Although my sweet tea intake has increased, but if I have to walk a few blocks to get the sweet tea does it really count at that point. LOL.  I kid. = D  But, really?

I hate whiners, I hate when people complain about a circumstance that they can change, and I am complaining about this and it is something I can change.  I can bust my butt at work and then get up and do a work out when I get home, I know I can because I did.  Yes, trying to have a baby did hold me back from that, but what is holding me back now?  Nothing.

I have put the baby stuff on the back burner for the moment and I can get in a 30-45 minute work out at home if I really put my mind to it.  I can do it.  I can still run my mile in less that 15 minutes so I can do this, I can.  I will.  I have to push myself.  I wanted this year to be about goal achieving and finally becoming an adult.  I turn 30 in January for crying out loud, I think it is time to put the big girl pant[ies] on.  

I may have quit before, but the fact that I keep trying says that I am not a quitter, because I am not quitting on trying.  

So today, I am vowing once again to continue on a gluten free lifestyle as much as possible and to finish my 60 day PiYo Challenge.  I am vowing to finally lose the weight I so desperately need to lose and PiYo will get that started.  I would also like to lose this gym membership that I have been constantly paying on for gym equipment that is on it's last leg [get it together 24 hour fitness].  

Another goal will be if I can finally finish the 60 day Insanity Challenge afterwards, that will be awesome as well.  

Do you have any fitness goals?  Are you struggling with not quitting something important to you?  

I would love to follow along with your journey, link me in the comments or tag me on social media.