What's my #1 Mascara?


Hi guys, I am so excited for this weekend I can barely stand it.  Not that I have anything major planned, but that is probably why I am so excited about it.  The lack of doing in my weekend is abundant.  = D  

I do have a wedding on Sunday but once that is over I am free!!!!!  Can you tell that I am excited.  Whoop, Whoop!!

Anyways, I wanted to let you guys in on a little secret of mine.  You see that mascara up there? That mascara is my FAVORITE, I repeat FAVORITE mascara.  It is my go-to mascara.  I feel like I need to buy multiples of this mascara just because I love it soo much.  This tube is almost ready to send to Mascara Heaven and I need to get into Target to grab a new one.

The #1 reason that this is my favorite mascara is because the brush is two sided.  One side is your normal mascara brush length and the other is shorter for those hard to reach lashes.  This end helps to get those lashes that are very thin and barely visible.  I literally looked at my lashes this morning and was like "I didn't know those lashes were there".  

Since using this mascara I have been asked if I have on fake lashes, or told that my lashes are really long, and full.  If follow me on IG you are well aware of what my lashes look like because of my almost daily selfies (you're welcome).  If you don't follow me you most definitely should, especially to see my new hair by the amazing The Orlando Salon


I hope you have a wonderfully fun filled Memorial Weekend with your loved ones! Follow me on IG and SnapChat @byvashtico to keep up with me!