Take a "Peek" into by: Vashti Co

Take a PEEK into my blog.

I recently found out about Peek via BlogBrighter Blog, it is a bloggers tool to get honest feedback from an unknown person.  This tool is helpful in a way because it can tell you what you need to fix or work on to make the necessary correction to gain followers or at least appease to them. 

Nadine the blogger behind at BlogBrighter and East & wrote a post on how she used Peek and how it helped her.  You can see her post on it here.  

Click the image to get your own peek into your blog or site. 

Yesterday I submitted my blog for a review over at "Peek".  I was pleasantly surprised that after receiving the notice that it could take up to 3 days I found my review in my email in just a few hours after submitting.  This may not always be the case, so be patient I would only contact Peek after the 3 day mark.  

I opened the video and started to listen to what the reviewer had to say.  My reviewer was a british man like Nadine and I am not sure what the exact feedback was, but I was a little annoyed at my feedback and happy to hear it at the same time.


  1. The reviewer didn't seem to know much about blogs in general or lifestyle blogs for that matter.
  2. He (being male) isn't my target market.  He didn't seem to be into fashion, beauty, etc.  I would've rather a review from someone in my target market.   
  3. My sidebar took some time to load for him, that was a concern for him and when I checked it on my side it did take time to load but not as much as his.


  1. I did check into why my sidebar took so long to load and SquareSpace advised me that it will load only after the post have been loaded.  So I may reinstall my homepage aspect of my site, so that will load while the viewer is heading over to my blog portion. 
  2. He did like the simplicity of the layout, etc.  Which is why I designed it that way because I love simplicity.
  3. He did mention that some of my buttons were hard to read because of the color [hot pink].  
  4. He did mention that maybe there should be some sort of line between my sidebar and blog post but I don't see many blogs with that there is always the dead space in that area.   

Overall I do recommend the Peek site to get some unfiltered review on your blog or site, but until they do narrow it down your target market also try reaching out to other bloggers, new bloggers, or just people on social media in general.  Don't just judge your site/blog solely on what the reviewer at Peek had to say.  

I love reading and helping out new bloggers, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know.  I would love to hear from you.