I should've went away to college

I should've went away to college, not for the education but for the experience.  I mean have you seen Pitch Perfect?  I can't sing, but I'd like to think that I am pretty funny.  

I mean don't get me wrong I went to college.  I just went to a community college, a little away from my family but close enough to run home for food and I think those were some of my best years of life, I met my husband during those years.  And I was about 20lbs lighter during those years, lol. 

Sometimes I wonder if I could've become someone completely different if I attended a college away from my family and comfort zone.  I don't blame my family I love them.  I love seeing my nieces and nephews grow up, I love joking around with my brothers and having dinners with my parents.  But I love doing all of that stuff now and maybe I should've had a little more experience then.  

Since I have been blogging, I have "virtually" met a few wonderful woman.  I sometimes wonder if I were in some sorority or whatever in college, would I be more social?  Would I have more friends?  

But then again, with my introvert tendencies more than likely would've been a Becca Effin Mitchell.  I only learned that I was an introvert when I started blogging.  I mean I like people, I just don't like to be around a lot of people for prolong periods of time, and I can only handle certain people for a certain amount of time.  After that I need a mental break or I need to do my own thing.

I want to travel but my husband likes to be home and doesn't care too much to leave it if he doesn't have to.  I love home but I have always wanted to see the world.  I feel like my need to grow up ruined my "golden years" of life.

Of course life isn't over and I can make changes but where should I start.  Everyone remember my last post, I am indecisive, I have A.D.D and I never know what to do exactly or how to do it. I know how to book a flight, hotel and I am finally able to rent a car on my own [whoop, whoop].  There is always something holding me back.  I would love to just pack a bag and go.  Maybe I should do a travel bucket list and check off a few places. HMM..

Have you recently completed some travel that you have been wanting to do?  I'd love to hear about it, comment below or hit me up on social media.