The Mother's Day Guide [to the best backyard picnic EVER]

The Mother's Day Guide to the best backyard picnic ever!

My mom is one of the toughest moms to go shopping for especially for Mother's Day.  She isn't the typical mom who loves to go shopping or needs the new purse.  She is the mom who works with her hands and feet all day in a Auto Shop.  Yes you heard me right a Auto Shop like the one you take your car to. 

So what do you get for the mother who never wants for anything, except to spend time with her family?  You have a backyard party with all of the fixings and you have to make sure you have all the little details.

Here are a few simple tips that I think would make a great outdoor party for mom. 

Create little images to lay on the table instead of confetti for all the memories that you have had over the years.  It adds that special touch that any mom would love.  

In order to keep cost down make you can still have a gorgeous table flowers without spending your entire budget on flowers.  My tip is to use vases that you already have around your house and carnations, you can get them is beautiful colors and it will take the table to the over the top look without killing the bank.  If you don't have vases laying around the house, I suggest Mason Jars you can get them at some dollar stores, and Target as well. 

Keep your table scape simple but pretty.  You don't want to kill yourself trying to get everything ready so you can join in with the festivities as well.  You can kill two birds with one stone, by using your menu around your utensils like the image below.  It allows guest to know what will be provided for today & holds your utensils in place.  If you don't want to use your fine china there are plastic utensils that provide the same look.  

If you have kiddos attending a simple table scape with items to keep them entertained like candy, crayons, coloring books, etc.  Will be a great addition to the day it will help keep them from running around and messing up any cute outfits for possible pictures during the day/night.  

My last tip is to keep it just to immediate family; brothers, sisters, in-laws, and grandkids.  You want mom to be able to enjoy all the people she has brought into this world and the people who make them the happiest. I know my mom loves her grandkids so she will want to spend most of her day with them.  Keep a camera handy you don't have to be a professional to still be able to capture the day.  

If you enjoyed my tips, please share or comment below.  Thanks for visiting & I hope you have a wonderful fun filled Mother's Day with your family.