Be Festive With Florals

As you may know FLORALS are in this season and what a better way to celebrate florals but on Mother's Day.  I wouldn't go floral overboard, but I would add a little of it to my outfit for your Mother's Day adventures.  

Here are a few styles I found on Pinterest that you can go from dinner at the restaurant to backyard picnic with the family.  Choose a style you like and enjoy the day with the family.

I am head over heels in love with green it is my favorite color, so when I found this floral beauty with green I couldn't resist posting about it.  It is (who I love) but you can find it on as well.  I love how it is paired with a simple non floral purse, watch and sunglasses.  Do not OVER Floral an outfit, too much floral can be deadly to your stylistic beauty. 

It is no secret that I love rompers, I am a simple girl so rompers are one of my favorite go-to's.  I love how this romper was paired up with a simple blazer, simple jewelry and a clutch.  The mint adds to the peach tones in the romper and the blazer so it makes this tie all together perfectly.  Be sure to pair with a cute pair of tan/nude sandals and you are ready to take on the day.  

Us short girls struggle when it comes to long dresses, I absolutely hate having to take things to get altered but it looks like it is going to have to become a thing for me.  I love how this dress was paired with a jean jacket, soft toned purse and simple jewelry.  Florals can be a lot especially when the pattern doesn't leave any bare spots in it, when that is the case make sure all other accessories are as simple as possible.  I love the entire outfit over all.  You can pair this with flats, sandals, wedges, or pumps.  

Ahh my favorite outfit, simplistic with a hint of florals.  Plus I am a jeans girl all day long.  You probably won't often catch me in sandals solely because I need to get some into my closet, but I love them.  I love that the scarf is the only floral present and it make the entire outfit.  I live in Texas where the weather can sometimes be unbearable and I solely feel like a moron when I wear a scarf in the summer here, but if it is thin enough I could totally pull it off, make the scarf lose and you should be just fine.  

Okay seriously can someone get me this watch ASAP, and while you at it the bracelet too.  I am not an accessory person, I love them they are just the last thing on my list when I go shopping.  I did find a few cute pairs of earring when I went to target the other day.  I am still hiding them from my husband in hopes that he thinks I've had them for years in the closet.  But this watch is cute, and a must have this spring/summer.  You can pair it with just about anything.  

When I saw these on Sequins & Things I needed them, and I still do.  I went to my local Steve Madden and I didn't find it. I did find it in Mexico, but was there for fertility treatment even though I did do some shopping I tried to stay away from shoes.  This babies can take your outfits from drab to fab.  Make sure you pair it with bright colors and you are set for the day.  

Tip for Florals

Keep it simple, don't go over board and make sure your pattern isn't too busy.  Bright colors are making florals this year so make sure to leave the dull colors at the store.