Let's Talk Lipstick


I have to admit I use to despise lipstick only because I was told it was made out of whale blubber & I didn't appreciate whales being killed for make up.  I also don't eat white bread because someone once told me it was bleached. 

Recently since the whole red lips have been in style I have picked up a few lipsticks.  I mostly get them from Mac, but honestly I can't afford $14-16 for lipsticks I am not even sure look good on me.  So when I find myself in Target (which is often) I tend to pick up a color or two that I think might work wonders on me.  Most of the time I am disappointed, I can't count how many "nude" colors I have only to ultimately get home and not like them.  

I always watch a few of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube and I pride myself in no longer solely wearing mascara and eye liner only.  I don't even know what I was thinking back then we will just go with that I had amazing skin at the time.  

After being introduced to lipstick, I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I like it but I am one of those geniuses that loves to wipe my face a lot (I know bad habit), and I'd be the one to wipe my lipstick all over my face.  [Insert face palm here].

Maybe one of these days I will be one of those girls that has a go to lipstick that I actually use all the way down to the end.  Until then, I'll give you that gorgeous little gem above.

"Lipstick, when leaving your mark on the world needs to be literal"