Summer Nails - How To Make Your Neon Nail Polish Stand Out

Summer is here which means that bright and bold colors are here to stay! I love pretty bold colors especially on my nails.  Today I have a tip on how you can make that neon color stand out!

Growing up I wasn't the girl to buy the newest make up highlighter or spoil myself with Mani/Pedi's but boy has that changed.  

My mom is a hardworking woman she has worked at our family Automotive Business for as long as I can remember and growing up getting your nails done wasn't one of the life lessons she taught me. 

After meeting and getting to know E's mom that changed a lot, she put in the mentality in me that you work hard for your money and sometimes you need to pamper yourself a little.  I may take a little a little too far, lol.  But I sometimes go too many weeks without doing my nails.  & honestly it is a dis-justice to the community when I don't.  Sorry I don't like ugly feet.  BLEH. 

The past couple of years I have stocked up on nail polishes and if I see a color I like I will throw it in the basket so when I found this polish I tried to use it and it just was wayy too light and you could still see my nails under it.  After talking to a girlfriend she recommending having the nail beautician use white polish before putting on any light colored polish.  And it worked like a charm, high fives all around (yes, I high fived my nail lady).  = D

I also did coffin styled nails which if you know me you know I don't put on artificial nails, but I have been wanting these bad boys for a while now and so I decided to get them.  Go big or go home right.  I am sure they will be off within to the two week mark because I type for a living and these get in the way just a little.  

Next time you want that bright colored nail polish to work for you get our your white nail polish.  = D

neon- yellow-coffin-nails