Summer Hair

I don't judge the seasons by how the year is broken up, I judge it by the weather.  It is currently 88 degrees in Houston and dammit it is SUMMER.  I work for a government entity and we are supposed to dress business casual but when you head outside to get lunch it is hot and I want to start removing cardigans, etc.  I honestly hate clothes as it is, #nopantsisthebestpants for sure!

In order to get ready for the Summer I decided I needed much lighter hair and I love it.  If you are ever in Houston, I highly recommend going and seeing my Orlando at The Orlando Salon he is amazing and I feel like I am going to visit a friend who makes me look pretty.  He is amazing and who doesn't want to look pretty.  

I have been wanting to go blonde recently and I have to admit I am overly happy with the outcome, he did trim some length off and my hair feels amazing even after doing all that dying to my hair it feels the best it has in years.  

I have tried to slow down on washing it because it was pulling all the life out of my hair and it was just making me sad.  I started adding more coconut oil in my hair I may do that once a week just to help the overall nutrition of my hair.  I love coconut oil, and coconut in general.  I use coconut oil and milk on my hair.  I picked up mine from Trader Joe's and Target it is easy to find and literally a miracle worker.  I have a past post on Coconut Oil just click here.

Below is my new hair and I love it, enjoy and I hope you love bugs have a great weekend!! = D