Breaking Out of The Mold - #createyourownbeautiful

You know I have been trying to break out in the Photography industry here in Houston and I haven't had much success.  While a lot of it is directly due to the lack of will to pursue the hustle more of it has to do with me feeling like I had to fit some kind of mold and not having time.  

I have been going about this all the wrong way.  I figured that if I fit into the mold that has been created by these amazing photographers I would surely gain clients, but what I didn't factor in is that if I am constantly beat myself up when my work wasn't as close as it could be to their then I wasn't good enough.

So what I decided to do was go on a few different photographer sites in and out of Houston and browse around, check out there work and their pricing and see if I was just being too damn hard on myself. And guess what?  I was. 

Not all the pictures were perfect, not everything was lined up correctly, some were more saturated than liked and that is perfectly fine because that is their creativeness.  But it was MINE. I am in no way shape or form "hating" on those photographers hell I admire them.  Because they were able to take their photography to the next level without morphing into the mold that is expected.  

After my video chat my butt was kicked into high gear, the issue is that I work full time and by the time I get home and do all the necessary things there I am wiped.  Eating dinner is sometimes a task in itself.  I currently don't have the luxury to quit my day job and that is perfectly fine, it can still finance my dreams to finally be my own boss and work from home one day.  So I am not resenting it. 

I just wanted to put this post out there because after reading a lot of blogs, being envious of those who have the glorious job of working from home or even a local coffee shop.  I feel that if I inspire someone to make the slightest change in the RIGHT direction.  I am happy.  

Don't set yourself up to fail simply by putting yourself into someone else mold.  The reason that there are successful different business out there is because someone stepped out of the mold and created something that no one else thought about.  

SO step out of the box/mold/triangle whatever is holding you from becoming you and who you should be and make your sparkle/shine/glimmer, etc.

You are worth it.