Breathe, Vashti.


I just keep telling myself to be grateful that I have a job and a roof over my head.  Then to breathe, just breathe. 

Anyone hiring?  Seriously. I feel like I am suffocating in a creative bubble.  

Well, there goes the productivity on my blog.  Too many changes, going on.  I know I am making no sense, but I needed somewhere to put it down. 

I normally have some really awesome blog post to spew out to you guys but today I am drawing a blank and much rather than leave you with nothing, I'd much rather chat with you lovely folks.  

Taps, mic.  Is anyone listening?  Hmm.  If you are be prepared for some rambling.  I apologize in advance.  

Have any of you seen "The Best of Me", from the book created by Nicholas Sparks?  I won't try to ruin anything here, but do men even love like that anymore?  I feel like men have to be so "men" know a days that we don't get romance anymore.  I guess I can't blame it all on them, right?  I told my husband not to open my doors initially because I knew how to open them on my own.  Needless to say I open my car doors and he opens all the other doors.  

I have been spending a lot of time watching beauty videos by a few beauty bloggers, I don't want to list them all.  I will try to reorganize my YouTube and I will link them here for you.  I watch bloggers by the humor in their videos, I am really into Nicole G., and Desi Perkins at the moment.  I love their bloopers and I love well Nicole sings in her car.

Gosh this movie makes me miss my husband, : ( 

Anyways if you follow me on instagram you saw my lovely face this morning.  I am definitely trying to post less selfies now a days.  How am I doing?  = D  I did a really cute half high pony that was inspired by a video that Desi Perkins loaded on YouTube.

I of course did all the steps out of whack I clipped some of my hair curled the unclipped portion, then I tied the clipped portion and then curled it because being assbackwards is what I do.  

I also have red lips on today.  YAY!  Are y'all proud of me, I am definitely loving pink undertones though, I have relentlessly red by Mac and I may just wear that color tomorrow and curl the hell out of my hair, but you will have to find me on one of my social media outlets to see tomorrows look.  Maybe on SnapChat @byvashtico, keep up with me and you will find out.

Until manana, with Love V