Things I Wish I Could Get My Husband To Wear

I love Fashion in general, but I love Men's Fashion.  Seeing a man in a suit is YUM!  Yes, yes just like food. 

When E and I first started dating I don't think either of us knew exactly what we were doing.  He was very everything has to match and if I wore something he would be like umm...okay. So now that we have "grown" up a little our style has grown with us.

I have been able to get E in a few button up shirts and of course loafers.  I think he looks so cute & maybe one of these days I can get him to do an outfit post or two.  = D 

E and I are terrible at having outfits ready for special occassions I mean I have a million things in my closet but can never find anything that I am in the mood for that day.  Which reminds me my cousins wedding is next month and I have to find something to wear.  Whomp Whomp Whomp..

I scoured Pinterest for all my I WISH I COULD GET MY HUSBAND TO WEAR THIS Looks.  

The Brighter Suit Jacket 

We live in Texas so E would never wear this, but I love this classic style jacket.

I love these loafers with the detailing & the ombre. 

I am loving the colors for summer and I am trying to nudge E into some of them.  I can't wait for a weekend to myself to actually get some shopping done.  Where my outlets at? 

What Men's Fashion Trends are you looking into this Summer?  I am in love with it all.  Our Summers in Texas are hot so I can't wait to get E in some lighter tones with a bit of color.